How do I connect to from Windows 7?

To include the local file folders as a mapped drive use the following steps:

1. Ensure that a WiFi connection is available.

2. In the "Settings" in the app (first button on the left at the botton of the navigation pane) set "Enable file sharing" to ON.

3. Record the IP address/port number shown in the above screen. The format is http://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:8080

4. From your Windows 7 PC, right click the "Start" button and then select "Open Windows Explorer".

5. When Windows explorer starts up click "Computer" on the left hand side and, from the function bar at the top of the screen, click "Map Network drive".

6. In the "Map Network drive" panel select the drive letter you require and then type in the IP address/port number recorded in step 3. Please note that this should include the "http://" prefix and the ":8080" suffix.

The folder may also be mapped by typing the IP address/port number recorded in step 3 directly into a Web browser on your Windows 7 PC.


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