I am unable to connect to the in order to import/export files.

Often the issue is that the device is connected to a WiFi network and the PC/Mac is connected to a different, wired network. Such networks need to have a "bridge" so that they may talk to each other.

The pre-requisite to connecting to the device is that you are able to "see" the device on the network. First, enable file sharing in the app and make a note of the IP address it gives you. Then open a command window and type the following:

ping {ipaddress} [followed by Enter]

where {ipaddress} should be replaced with the actual IP address that you noted. Do you get successful responses, or is the device unavailable on the network? If you get successful responses, try entering the following in to the command window:

telnet {ipaddress} 8080 [followed by Enter]

Does the screen go blank? If so, you have successfully connected and have proved that the device is available on the network and listening on the appropriate port. It should then be possible to connect from the desktop computer. If you get errors during in the ping response or if telnet fails to connect, then check any firewall settings are not preventing ping requests or preventing a connection on port 8080.

Windows XP is not a very robust WebDAV client and so if you are trying to access files on your device from Windows Explorer in Windows XP, you may wish to consider either using a web browser to access the files (see Import and Export in the user guide) or instead consider downloading a free WebDAV client. We recommend AnyClient. Several customers have tried this and have had success using it to transfer files to and from File Drive. For more detail on how to use this see Instructions for using the AnyClient webDAV client.

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