Office² Pro for Good

Office² Pro for Good provides the main features and functionality of the Office² product, but with enterprise-level security provided by the Good Dynamics platform, ensuring that all files in the app are secured via Good’s encryption technology. Office² Pro for Good conforms to Good’s Data Leakage Policy (DLP), enabling administrators to prevent users from copying potentially sensitive data out of the app (via copy/paste or Open In) or from printing documents (via application policy settings).655

Office² Pro for Good also works seamlessly with Good Technology’s Good for Enterprise (GFE) application. Users can open Office format files stored in the GFE application or file store into Office² Pro for Good, make changes to the files, and then save them back to GFE, providing end-to-end data protection.

Additionally, Office² Pro for Good works in parallel with GFE or other Good Dynamics-enabled applications to provide a single sign on capability, protecting enterprise data while making the application(s) quick and easy to access.

Office² Pro for Good is only available in the B2B app store. To download and trial the app, please get in contact with your Good sales representative.

Office² Pro for Good includes the following features:


  • Word 97-2013 (.doc & .docx) compatibility.
  • Character formatting including bold, italic, underline, font face, size, color and highlight.
  • Paragraph formatting including indent, left, right, center and distributed justification style.
  • Bullets and numbering.
  • Support for tables, floating images and shapes.
  • Support for tracked changes
  • Full text search capability.
  • Copy and paste.
  • Undo and redo.
  • Auto-correction and auto-capitalization.


  • Excel 97-2013 (.xls & .xlsx) compatibility with support for multiple worksheets.
  • Multiple cell types, including Numeric, Date, Time, Currency, Percentage and Text
  • Cell formatting options, including bold, italic, text and background color, cell sizes and alignments.
  • Merged cells, text wrapping and freeze panes.
  • Copy/cut/paste operations.
  • A range of functions, including date/time, math, statistical, string and trigonometric functions.


  • Powerpoint 97-2013 (.ppt & .pptx) compatibility
  • Insert images and countless common shapes
  • Comprehensive text and paragraph formatting: (font size and face, text color and highlight, paragraph alignment, line spacing)
  • Rotation of text and shapes
  • Slide ordering
  • Slide show mode with simulated laser pointer
  • Slide show presentation on external monitor


  • Save documents, spreadsheets and presentations in PDF format
  • Revert to previous versions of saved files
  • Wireless printing (if enabled by administrative policy)

Easy Word Processing

Office² Pro for Good makes it easy to edit documents on your iPad. The user interface provides all of the features and functions that you need to create a rich formatted document.

You can apply character formatting, such as bold, italic, underline, font face, size and color. You can set paragraph formatting, such as indentations, alignment, bulleted or numbered lists, paragraph spacing, tabs and tab stops; and you can insert photos or choose from a number of preformatted tables and shapes for insertion into your document.

You can create documents with footnotes and endnotes, multiple columns and you can also insert section, page and column breaks.

But that's not all. Turn on spell checking and see all the mis-spelt words automatically underline. No need to manually correct them. Just click on the mis-spelt word and Office² Pro for Good offers you a list of recommended corrections.

If you need to collaborate with others to edit a document, you can turn on track changes and see all the edits as visual markup.

Want to send the document you've just created to someone, but don't want them to make any changes? Easy, just save the file as a PDF document and email it right from within the app.


548Powerful Presentation Creation

Create new or edit existing PowerPoint format files with all the functionality you need to make stunning presentations.

Office² Pro for Good gives you the ability to add new slides based on the presentation's master slide, order your slides with drag and drop or duplicate existing slides.

Within a slide you can set the background color or image, choose from a variety of shapes, lines, images and text boxes and modify character and paragraph formatting of text within an object.

Once you have created a presentation, you can use Office² Pro for Good to actually present it. Either present it directly on your iPad to a small group of people or connect to an external monitor or overhead projector and present to a larger audience. You can even tap and hold in order to show a simulated laser pointer for drawing attention to particular areas of your slides.

Creating slide handouts is also a breeze. Just save the presentation as a PDF file and print out directly from your iPad.



Comprehensive Spreadsheet Editing

Office² Pro for Good provides a wealth of features for creating and editing XLS format spreadsheets. It features a two-way scrollable, zoomable grid, which can contain up to 65000 rows of data. Cells can contain text, numeric values, date or time values or formulas. You can choose the specific format for certain cell types, for example the number of decimal places used or the currency symbol display. Office² Pro for Good provides over 140 Excel compatible functions for use when building your spreadsheets.

The spreadsheet editor supports freeze panes and cell merging too - ideal for managing large worksheets. You can style cells by changing the cell text font and size, the text color, the background color of the cell and you can define the cell border style.

Spreadsheets may be saved as PDF files and printed out or emailed from within the app. 


File Revisions

If you save changes to documents, spreadsheets or presentations that you are unhappy with and you want to revert to a previous version then this is not a problem because Office² Pro for Good stores the last 10 revisions and lets you preview the revisions and revert back to any of them, quickly and easily.


The table below lists the features in Office² Pro for Good. Click on the links, where available, for more information on that feature.

Word Processor features
Character formatting, including bold, italic, underline, font, size, color 537
Paragraph formatting, including alignment, indents, bullets and numbering, paragraph spacing 537
Multiple columnar format 537
Insert section breaks (continuous and next page) and page and column breaks 537
Allows creation of inline and floating pictures, tables and shapes 537
Support for track changes (inserts and deletions) 537
Full text searching 537
Undo and redo 537
Zoom capability 537
Copy and paste functionality 537
Spell checking 537
Word count 537
Save as PDF file 537
Spreadsheet features
Scrollable, zoomable grid 537
Range selection 537
Copy/paste cells in a range 537
Clear cells in a range 537
Delete rows and columns 537
Insert rows and columns 537
Auto-range selection for certain functions 537
Natively stores files in XLS & XLSX format 537
Auto-fill feature 537
Supports multiple worksheets 537
Sorting of cell regions 537
Search capability 537
Goto Cell function 537
Bold and italic text formatting 537
Text and background color choice 537
Border formatting 537
Cell sizing 537
Cell text alignment 537
Cell merging 537
Text wrapping 537
Press and drag to change row and column sizes 537
Choice of cell types including General, Number, Currency, Percentage, Date, Time and Text 537
Choice of currency symbol 537
Prefix or suffix currency symbol 537
Choice over the number of decimal places shown 537
1000 separator option 537
Date/time functions 537
General functions 537
Math functions 537
Statistical functions 537
String functions 537
Trigonometric functions 537
Presentation features
Open, edit and save PPT & PPTX format files 537
Create new slides from a fixed template 537
Re-order slides using drag and drop 537
Insert shapes and image media 537
Stretch, move and rotate objects in a slide 537
Set slide background with image or solid color 537
Add text to shapes 537
Format text with rich character and paragraph formatting 537
Play presentation mode with simulated laser pointer 537
Connect to external monitor or overhead projector  537
Save presentation as PDF file 537